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Case Study – Nottingham City Transport 2015

We have now been the supplier for Mobile A/C Tuition and Assessment for the 7543 Qualification for Nottingham City Transport for many years.

NCT are a company that like to keep their technicians up to date with all current legislations and make sure they are qualified to carry out servicing work with competence. All of the NCT technicians during recent years been trained and assessed for the Mobile A/C qualification by using their semi automatic mobile A/C service station for carrying out their R134A servicing work. They have recently taken delivery of forty new buses with another fifteen placed on order for 2015 and the question was asked “how do we carry out servicing the A/C on these vehicles, as they contain the refrigerant known as R407C”. This refrigerant is quite unusual to be used as a mobile A/C refrigerant. R134a is currently under phase out and will not be installed into new mobile A/C from January 2017 and the chosen replacement is R1234yf. R407c is a Zeotropic blend which means it cannot be charged at vapour state because of the characteristics of the blend. During 2014 our company discussed in length the differences of this application and servicing equipment required when the vehicle warranty expires– it would need a tooling replacement as the stand alone A/C service station cannot be used to carry out such work. NCT have purchased a complete new set of highly professional tools to work on the R407C buses and have had all their staff bespoke trained to give competence and confidence to their company. We are proud to have been part of the transition of the changing of the A/C servicing techniques.


Case Study – TC Harrison JCB On Site Training

In depth training course onto the City and Guilds qualification you intend to achieve. For example we are the only training centre in the UK with the knowledge and experience to competently train any one to maintain ice cream van refrigeration systems. We can make this claim due to over 40 years experience in the ice cream van design and technology field and in 2002 became the 2nd largest builder of mobile ice cream vans. We have some highly respected refrigeration engineers in the industry who gained all their experience through our specialised one to one tuition. During 2011 our company was approached by T.C. Harrison JCB to guide their technicians through the 7543 qualification (previously called the 5101) these courses were completed in one working day but T.C. Harrison wanted something extra to the standard legal certification and we designed another one day course to give their company the edge. The course was based from simply discussing the symptoms with the customer to advance fault diagnosis and accurate charging and commissioning by use of not only automatic A/C machines but by using separates.

Case Study – R12 to R134a Retrofit

A recent candidate undertook a 7543-01 Refrigerant handling course and opted to include the additional fee for the practical hands on thorough recharge process that we can also supply. Although not in the refrigerant trade, he was interested in fixing the air conditioning on his classic car. We were surprised yet excited to hear that the car in question was a 1981 DeLorean ! At the time of the manufacture of the car, the refrigerant used was the old harmful Ozone depleting r12 type refrigerant. Once the candidate successfully passed the refrigerant handling course, we performed the full recovery of the old r12 refrigerant, performed a pressure test (with Oxygen free Nitrogen), full evacuation and measured in re-charge using the readily available r134a refrigerant. The system performed incredibly well to modern cars, considering the age of this car, and the candidate was extremely satisfied of the days event. We don’t usually perform this type of work, but as an avid fan of classic cars and Ice cream vans myself, this was an opportunity that was too good to miss! For more information of the Delorean classic car, click here to visit


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